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Fan Fiction Forever?!

Bookselling giant, Amazon, is set to launch a publishing platform called Kindle Worlds in June 2013, which will enable fan fiction to be sold online. The news was announced on The Bookseller recently.

It has been thought that licenses have been obtained from the Warner Bros Television Group, Alloy Entertainment, for popular television programmes such as Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars. Kindle Worlds will permit writers to publish any stories associated with the programmes, to be sold online. Rights holders of Kindle Worlds alongside authors of stories over 10,000 words will receive royalties of 35%, whereas a trial will be set up for works of 5-10,000 words, where authors will receive 20% of royalties.

With previous bestselling novels such as the Fifty Shades trilogy, which started off as fan fiction, it would enable popular, well-known television shows to be evolved as people write different interpretations of stories, enhancing characters in different ways and enabling readers to view parts of the stories they love in a different way.

As previously mentioned with the Fifty Shades trilogy being a success due to fan fiction, it proves that fan fiction has the potential to enhance trade publishing in the future, and potentially create more bestselling fiction. I think it will be interesting to see how many fan fiction novels are in the bestselling book charts this time next year.

Long live Harry Potter!

Being an absolute geek when it comes to Harry Potter, I was initially gutted when the books came to an end. Having always been a fan of Rowling’s works, I have of course seen all the films and visited the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour in an attempt to stretch out my Harry Potter obsession. Now all that is left is to fill the Harry Potter shaped hole in my life… which may actually be fulfilled in the near future…

This is what I stumbled across the other day whilst looking on Pinterest…


James Potter and the Hall of Elders’ Crossing by G. Norman Lippert. I have read great reviews of this fan fiction novel on Goodreads and I shall definitely be getting a copy in some form in the near future. I think the recreation of the Harry Potter series shows that once a bestselling book series on the scale of Harry Potter is created, it will never die, I guess you only have to look at how the world of Harry Potter has already spanned across eight films, various theme parks across the world, toys and figurines and the online world of Pottermore. Fan fiction is a fantastic way to make a bestseller. The story has already been sold and successfully exploded across the globe, so why not base a story on one which has become a worldwide phenomenon?

I know a lot of people will be pleased to hear of Lippert’s story of Harry’s father, James, and what him and his friends got up to at Hogwarts and I know I certainly am!