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Welcome to my blog!

I have just started a Masters course in Publishing at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. One of the first opportunities which have arisen from the course is the chance to win a bursary offered from one of the most prestigious publishers in the industry: Cambridge University Press.

Ever since I discovered I wanted to start a career in publishing, I have always looked to CUP, and other companies like it, as being one of the major publishers in which I aspire to work for in the future. I love the fact that their heritage spans back to the 1500s and so have inspired billions of generations over time. Having studied history at A-Level and having a keen interest in the subject, I am intrigued by the thought of Henry VIII granting CUP the permission to publish books. What is even more intriguing is wondering what he would have thought should he have known that his permission would be sure to influence and shape the world’s future.

I find it incredible to think that Cambridge University Press has had an involvement in producing some of the most insightful and life-changing books in history, from writers such as Milton, Chomsky and Newton. The successful publication of such astounding knowledge has been made accessible to everyone and anyone by CUP – a fantastic achievement and a great example as to why CUP is extremely appealing to me.

Something that has become a problem in the publishing industry is the introduction of self publishing and as a result, the quality of books suffering (more on that, later). But, given that CUP publish work for one of the world’s top universities, the quality of their work is guaranteed to be flawless; something of which I find the most satisfying about the publishing industry – Yes, I am one of those people who find it incredibly annoying when I read a book with grammar and spelling errors! – The quality of their work is something which I find particularly appealing about CUP. Publishing excellent quality books, like CUP is something which I aim to be doing in the future. Publishing work which will be read by millions worldwide would be an incredible feeling and achievement, whether it be a book about the next great technological development, or works from one of the world’s most brilliant literary scholars.

It is for these reasons which would make winning the bursary an amazing achievement and I would feel honoured to receive the bursary from CUP, an academic publisher in which I really admire. In addition, the prize itself would immensely help me financially and would reduce the worry I have of having to pay back more money to the bank.

I think that concludes my first post and outlines why I am applying for the CUP bursary. Look out for more posts related to the publishing industry and which also show some of my interests in the issues surrounding the industry.

Thank you for reading!

(Note: all information regarding the history of CUP has been taken from http://www.cambridge.org)