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The other day I ‘stumbled-upon’, quite literally, an article from Spiceworks, a free IT community, about the Internet of Things (I blogged about it here a couple of months ago) and how it will affect IT in the future. I thought that this would be a nice follow up post from it. For those of you who are still unfamiliar with the term…

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a collective of Internet-connected consumer devices, manufacturing systems, business tools, customer service appliances, medical equipment, agricultural sensors and other things. – Deepak Kumar
According to ‘The Devices are Coming…’ article, 71% of IT professionals believe that IoT will impact consumers and the workplace. Despite this, 59% of IT professionals apparently aren’t preparing this this in the workplace. While the report states that IoT isn’t something which will occur overnight, it does mention the inevitablility of it. The introduction of IoT means that more devices shall be generating more data, and thus, using more bandwidth and IP addresses. This then puts company data at a higher risk of security breach. Because of this, it is thought that 43% of IoT shall be linked to new networks. Morover, 68% of IT professionals will invest in infrastructure and 63% will invest in more security solutions in order to cope with the technology. It is thought that by 2020, IoT will have grown to 26 billion + devices! (Gartner, 2013).
Thinking about publishers and booksellers, it shall be interesting to see how it will impact the sector. Judging from general articles which I have read and also thinking about the work experience placements I have carried out over time, I think that the sector is keeping on top of new techologies which are available, as challenging as it is, however it shall be great to see how IoT will impact this sector which is continuiously adapting.

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