London Book Fair 2013 – Day One

An interesting post from Publishthings. I only came across the blog the other day and thought the posts were great. I thought I’d reblog this as I wasn’t able to attend the book fair on Monday so missed the talks. The summaries which Publishthings have given I thought would be really useful to share. I do wish I could have attended the ‘Getting into publishing’ talk.




boxesPhew. That sums it up. Ya’ll were right, the LBF is hard work, and that’s without all those meetings and rights deals that are supposedly happening. I wouldn’t know, I was lost in a sea of stands and London Show Dailys.

Arriving at Earls Court at 7:45am and immediately getting lost in the stall maze, I was off to a good start. Of course there was virtually no one around so I didn’t look too obvious in my doe eyed bemusement. I eventually found my way to the Publishers Weekly stand to begin the distribution of the London Show Daily. I hope you all saw one, otherwise we obviously aren’t doing a very good job…

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