Non-fiction predicted to rule at London Book Fair 2013

The publishing world is anticipating one of the industry’s biggest annual events: The London Book Fair 2013 which will be taking place next week…


The LBF is known for the place in which to ‘scout out’ the competition and to predict what is going to be the next big bestseller. Last year (2012) saw publishers try finding the ‘undiscovered’ as companies left, right and centre were focusing on self-published authors. With the massive success of E L James’s Fifty Shades of Grey – an author who had only come to be through writing fan fiction – publishers were trying to find the new E L James.

This year, however, is predicted to be the year for ‘non-fiction projects with an international reach‘. Karolina Sutton, an agent at Curtis Brown, has said that books with the ‘broad’ appeal are on every publisher’s list this year with the ‘booming Asian and Brazilian markets’ being the ones to watch. According to The Bookseller‘s article, LBF has reported that 586 tables in the International Rights Centre have been sold with 27 countries being represented.

As someone who will be attending the LBF for the first time, it will be extremely interesting to see the workings behind the predictions…

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