Project Management and Budgeting in Production – Lecture given by Jackie Dobbyne, Cambridge Publishing Management

I recently wrote a blog entry for Jackie Dobbyne, Managing Director at Cambridge Publishing Management and thought it would be great to share it on my own blog…


Jackie Dobbyne, Managing Director at Cambridge Publishing Management, gave an informative and engaging lecture on project management and budgeting in production to students on the MA Publishing course at Anglia Ruskin University on Thursday 21st February 2013.

Feedback from class members has shown how helpful the session was in teaching them about the daunting (especially for us beginners!) process of working out a costing sheet to produce a book, and the time and energy which goes into managing multiple projects at any one time. It was fantastic to hear Jackie’s own experiences gained through working at CPM and she gave us advice on situations to look out for and how to avoid them in our future careers.

As someone who is interested in undertaking a career in the production side of the industry, the lecture helped in providing the fundamentals of a successful brief, showcasing those necessary items for capturing a publisher’s vision. In addition, it was brilliant to hear the reasons why publishers choose CPM to produce their works. I feel that Jackie gave a great overview of why CPM benefits publishers, but she also outlined why a publisher may choose not to use a company such as them.

The session was concluded by setting us exercises in prioritising tasks and constructing a schedule for producing a manuscript, enabling us to put our new knowledge to the test. Overall, I feel that the lecture was a brilliant insight into the production aspect of the industry, and it definitely complemented the other lectures on our Production module.

Here is the link to the CPM blog page, and also the original entry with Jackie’s thoughts on giving the lecture.

Please note that I do not own the copyright of the above CPM logo.

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