The digital boom gets festive!

I read on The Bookseller last week that Hachette UK saw 250,000 eBook sales on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The head of digital at Hachette, George Walkley, stated that figures were up 86% on the previous year’s directorial sales figure, and that the sales had not affected the sales of print books.

He hinted that the boost is due to the strong sales of ereading devices pre-Christmas, and I have to agree with him on that. With the launch of the Kindle Fire HD and iPad Mini, I can imagine that they were two of the key presents that millions of people woke up to on Christmas morning. Naturally, people would have wanted to fill their new shiny devices with eBooks (I know I did). The fact that Walkley also mentioned that print books sold ‘exceptionally well’ shows that despite the hype surrounding ereaders, print books are still popular!

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