Kindle ebook sales trumps Amazon print sales

Kindle ebook sales trumps Amazon print sales

Taken from The Guardian, August 2012, comes the revelation that Kindle ebook sales have overtaken Amazon’s print sales.

Of course ever since the invention of the ebook and the ever-changing advance of technology, the future of print has come under jeopardy as the world’s want and hunger for ‘the latest gadget’ or ‘next big thing’ has created a ‘reading renaissance’ and print sales have evidently taken a back seat. Or, have they?

Whilst there is no denying the popularity of the ebook, print still remains in demand, particularly from an academic perspective. With print, the material will always be there and is a fail safe method of ensuring the work is never lost; whereas with digital, the risk of the file becoming corrupted or lost, the system crashing or software failing to work is always going to be there.

What’s more is that when downloading an ebook for your device, you actually don’t own it and are technically only renting it – another problem especially if the file gets wiped from Amazon and thus, your copy (and money spent) would be lost. I know which I’d prefer…

The success of the ebook is such that two years post-Kindle’s release on the market, ebook sales are greater than hardbacks and paperbacks combined with 114 ebooks being sold to every 100 print books. However, these figures merely reflect Amazon’s sales and not other sellers which undoubtedly allow us to question whether ebook sales as a whole really sell more than print.

One thing’s for sure is that the public like the privacy which the Kindle brings – no one knows what you’re reading, and for all those Fifty Shades fans out there, ebooks are of course ideal and would have definitely contributed to the boom on ebook sales.

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